Will you buy a new iPad 2 before the end of 2011?

Hell, I was ready to buy a

Hell, I was ready to buy a new iPad 2 before the end of today.

LOL You are not alone in

LOL You are not alone in that. :)
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I'm waiting for the iPad 3

I'm waiting for the iPad 3 in September!


I am waiting for the iPad 3 before I buy, but expect it to be next year. As much as i'd love to have all the nifty keen improvements, I can't really justify the $$$

Then again, Steve's Power Book is on it's last leg. He'd get along fine with the iPad 1.... Hmmmm!

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Well, maybe

I need a new desk top first. Besides, my iPad is only a little over three months old and takes care of my mobile needs just fine.
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Pash says hi to you guys ! BIG SHOUT OUT ! ! !
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Miss ya both.


I've been holding out for

I've been holding out for the camera the whole time. If I couldn't video chat, it wasn't worth it. The cover is quite a bonus. Though I still think a "real" cover is needed for the whole thing, this clever one is fantastic but doesn't protect the back side, and a handle is always a plus.


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I'm going to try to get one through ipodmeister.com

Can't resist...

I really didn't want to upgrade, I tried to fight off the temptation and stick with my original iPad.
But since I was able to sell my 1st gen 32gb WiFi for $450 which I rarely 1/2 filled I decided it was worth spending $50 to get the iPad dos and be selective on what I put on it.
The duo core A5 and improved video and Garageband definitely seem intriguing enough to me to pull the trigger.

Will Buy one...


I will be be buying a new iPad 2 and giving the "old" one to my daughter-in-law. I'm going to buy one because I have a professional expense allowance which is very restricted and the iPad is the only thing I can buy. Will be fun to have a new toy!


Ordered it Fri morning.

Ordered it Fri morning. Will sell old one to my employee. An excellent update!

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