Did Apple Lie to Mac Gamers?

From Extremetech
Let's begin with Electronic Arts. EA is most famous for its sports games and for disturbing allegations a few years back that it was running a gaming sweatshop of sorts, exploiting its employees and running them into the ground with whacked out work schedules and poor management practices.

Strangely enough, EA's labor practices weren't mentioned by Steve Jobs in his keynote this week.

(Shawn's Comment: WTF!? Why would they be? Did we hear about Intel's labor practices? id Software's? *Apple's*? No, of course not...)

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Do We Expect too Much from Apple?

From Macworld
When Steve Jobs showed off Leopard at this year's WWDC conference , the reaction was immediate: Apple 's share price fell by 3 per cent. The stock market had spoken, and its verdict was more "boo" than "woo".

Leopard 's top-secret new features turned out to be a few interface tweaks. The rumoured development environment for the iPhone turned out to be AJAX. And Steve Jobs failed to announce new Macs, a teleport or a giant robot army.

That's a shame, because Leopard includes some clever things.

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Apple, AT&T Send Out ‘Get Ready’ iPhone Email

From iLounge
Apple and AT&T have sent out a mass email with recommended preparation steps for the iPhone. The subject of the announcement reads “Get Ready. iPhone is coming June 29,” while the body lists suggestions for both PC and Mac users on how to get ready for the iPhone. These tips are broken down by sections, “Contacts,” “Calendar,” “Email,” “Photos,” “Music and Video,” and “iTunes Account.” Each section includes a brief description on how it works on the iPhone, and then an explanation of how customers can prepare. Keep reading to see the suggestions.

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Developers Buzz on Leopard and Safari, Bum Out About IPhone

From Wired
As Steve Jobs tantalized thousands of Apple software programmers here at the Worldwide Developers Conference with promises of something "sweet" for the iPhone, you could feel the anticipation of the crowd.

While nobody really expected it to happen, a software developer's kit for the sleek new device was at the top of everyone's wish list, and now suddenly the dream was in sight. Then, as oversize images splashed up on the stage's giant screen, Jobs turned to deliver his curveball: Instead of getting tools to create stand-alone applications for the iPhone, developers would only be able to write web apps for the iPhone using the device's Safari browser.

Suddenly, a sound that's rarely ever heard in a Jobs keynote welled up in the giant conference hall. Crickets.

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Apple Announces iTunes Festival London

From iLounge

Apple has announced the first iTunes Festival, which will take place in London, England on July 1 through July 31. The festival’s website describes it as “a radical new concept that brings together world-class bands, intimate live performances and the best in digital technology.” Tickets will be free, but will be given away by Apple in pairs, with only 150 sets available for each show. Well-known acts such as Mika, Travis, Groove Armada, and Amy Winehouse will perform at the festival, being held at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

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CNBC Interviews Scott McNulty

A link to Scott's stellar appearance is here. Don't let the introduction ("Not just AN Apple blogger, THE Apple blogger... no one more relied upon for information about this company") scare you off...

(Shawn's Comment: "no one more relied upon for information..." Excuse me? Who is? I've never even heard of this guy before. Maybe CNBC should do a bit of research before they write their copy)

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What the ....?

From Business Week
So Apple releases a new Browser for Windows and Apple stock tanks? That makes sense...not. As I type, the press release is just more than an hour old and the market's reaction is to punish the stock. AAPL is down $4.53 as of 3:50 P.M EDT. I don't get it.

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iPhone and the other Shoe

From Macworld
Tick… tick… tick… the iPhone timer is ticking down. As Steve Jobs told us over and over during Monday’s Worldwide Developers Conference keynote, we’re now 18 days out from the release of Apple’s Next Big Thing and the excitement—both at WWDC and out in the real world—is building. The mainstream press has declared the iPhone both a winner and loser, AT&T has had well over a million inquiries about the thing, and potential buyers are considering laying in camping supplies so that they can squat down before the door of their local Apple Store the evening prior to its delivery. Apple even revealed some details about how third-party software makers can create applications for the phone. Yet one important question remains:

What’s the damned thing going to cost!?

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World Wide Developer Conference Keynote

From Apple
Watch Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveil and demo Leopard features in his World Wide Developer Conference keynote address from San Francisco's Moscone West. See the video-on-demand event right here, exclusively in QuickTime and MPEG-4.

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Analyst: Apple Event Underwhelming

From MarketWatch
Apple CEO Steve Jobs highlighted 10 features of Apple's new Leopard operating system for Macintosh computers, but failed to inspire analyst Gene Munster of Piper Jaffray, who called the event "underwhelming.

(Shawn's Comment: Video of our favorite analyst. Is it just me or does he look like he's about 17? :) )

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Electronic Arts, id Software Announce Commitment to Mac

"In what may have been the only unexpected announcement at Apple's annual developers conference..."

(Shawn's Comment: Really? You "expected" Safari for Windows, a new Desktop, Developing for the iPhone, etc? And to make matters worse, they guy who posted this ripped it off, in its entirety, from AppleInsider.com)

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iPhone to use 3rd Party Web 2.0 Applications

From iLounge
During his keynote address at WWDC, Apple CEO Steve Jobs revealed that the iPhone will support third-party applications based on Web 2.0 standards. Developers will be able to create apps which look and behave like built-in iPhone applications, and can seamlessly access the handset’s services, include making a phone call, email, and Google Maps. He also stated that the handset will go on sale at 6:00 p.m., June 29.

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Mac vs. PC Cost Analysis: How does it All Add Up?

From Computerworld
People have been arguing online about how much more expensive Macs are than PCs -- or not -- for more than a decade (and in print for years before that). These discussions usually involve some hard facts but also some persistent myths. As a longtime Windows guy who has recently migrated to the Mac, I think I'm in a pretty good position to try and sort out reality from fiction. Let's take a look at what you can really get for your money these days.

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Adobe Keeps GoLive Alive

From MacObserver

Adobe released GoLive 9 on Friday, breathing a little more life into the Web site design application. The new version, however, is geared towards "professional designers who want to build web design skills."

GoLive 9 is being positioned as more of a learning tool for designers that aren't familiar with Web coding, and as a stepping stone on the way to Dreamweaver CS3. It supports CSS-compliant site design, includes a visual CSS layout window, and integrates with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Acrobat. It also includes updated tools, color management, Smart Object support, site management tools, and more.

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Revised Desktop, Finder Highlight Leopard Additions

From Macworld
When OS X 10.5: Leopard debuts in October, it will feature a redesigned Desktop and new Finder. Those new features were among the changes Steve Jobs introduced during a preview of the forthcoming OS X update code-named Leopard during his Worldwide Developers Conference keynote speech Tuesday.

Originally slated for a spring 2007 release, OS X 10.5 is now slated for release in October. It will cost $129, Jobs told WWDC attendees. The finished version of Leopard includes 300 new and enhanced features; Jobs previewed 10 during his Tuesday keynote.

(Shawn's Comment: A new beta of Safari is available here)

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AirPort Firmware Update 7.1.1 Improves Shared Disk Support, More

From MacObserver

Apple released the AirPort Extreme Base Station 802.11n Firmware 7.1.1 update on Friday. The update included the previous 7.1 firmware update along with improved AirPort USB disk stability, power saving, read/write performance, and file sharing support.

The update also improved support for printers and routers, VPN, PPPoE, WDS(ACL), and WEP(TSN), improved Keychain support, enhanced the ability for third-party applications to save files to a shared USB disk, addressed an issue where a Base Station would not request a password when expected, and more.

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The Missing Sync for Palm OS 6 Released

From MacMinute

Mark/Space announced it has shipped a major update to The Missing Sync for Palm OS. Version 6.0 of The Missing Sync for Palm OS introduces new features, including several specifically designed for Mac users with Treo smartphones. Version 6.0 sports the following new features: a new Mark/Space Video conduit imports videos taken with Palm Treo; the Video conduit can also encode video using QuickTime technology for mobile playback; a new log conduit; Notes synchronization; and more.

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'Learn to Troubleshoot Mac Problems' eBook Released

From MacMinute
TidBITS Electronic Publishing today announced the release of its latest ebook, "Learn to Troubleshoot Mac Problems". Written by Joe Kissell, this latest addition to the Take Control series of electronic books teaches readers the key troubleshooting procedures, along with specific instructions for solving the most common problems Mac users experience. Readers then learn how to apply the troubleshooting techniques to solving entirely new problems.

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Parallels Releases Desktop 3.0 for Mac

From MacDailyNews

Parallels has released Desktop 3.0 for Mac which enables users to run Windows, Linux, and more side-by-side with Mac OS X on any Intel-powered Mac, without rebooting. With Parallels’ award-winning virtualization technology, you can run Mac OS X and your favorite Windows applications at the same time. You can also drag-and-drop files between desktops.

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"Get a Mac" Awarded Grand Effie for Most Successful Marketing Campaign of 2007

From MacDailyNews

Apple Inc.’s “Get a Mac” campaign, created by Media Arts Lab\TBWA was awarded the Grand Effie at the 39th Annual Effie Awards in New York. The Effie Awards honor the most significant achievement in the business of marketing communications: ideas that work.

“After much spirited discussion, the jury unanimously awarded Apple the Grand Effie for its portrayal of the Mac/PC rivalry. They managed to do it with humor, class, and honesty without falling into the trap of overtly negative competitive advertising,” said John Butler, Co-Creative Director of Butler Shine Stern & Partners and the 2007 Grand Effie Jury Chair, in the press release.

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WD My Book Drives Expand with 750GB, 1.5TB Models

From Macworld

Western Digital announced the expansion of their My Book devices with new 750GB and 1.5 terabyte (TB) models. My Book is line of a Mac and PC-compatible external hard disk drives. Prices range from $279 to $699 depending on capacity and features.

The newest models feature WD’s own 750GB hard disk drive mechanism. The 1.5 terabyte models are RAID systems that use two of the 750GB drives together.

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Microsoft Replaces Mac Business Unit GM

From Macworld
Months before it was to release a major update of its Office suite, Microsoft has replaced the general manager of its Macintosh Business Unit.

Roz Ho, who spent seven years with the Mac BU including the last four as its general manager, is joining the Entertainment & Devices Division. Her replacement is Craig Eisler, who rejoined Microsoft in February after serving as the general manager of AOL Wireless. He had worked at Microsoft previously as development manager of DirectX.

“Microsoft and Apple are both great companies in their own right, and working in Mac BU, I get to experience the best of both worlds,” Eisler wrote in a blog posting announcing his hiring.

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Is ZFS Apple's Secret Weapon?

From Computerworld
Apple collects secrets like a pack rat collects shiny things. It’s part of the company’s culture. So when someone breaks the code of silence, it sets virtual seismographic needles scratching. That happened this week, when Sun Microsystems Inc.’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz said Apple’s upcoming Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, would rely on a file system that engineers at his company have spent years creating: ZFS.

Just what is ZFS, and why did it send Mac enthusiasts spinning? Read on. …

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FotoMagico 2.0 Pro

From Macworld
Pros: Integrates with both iPhoto and Aperture libraries; supports Raw file format; intuitive interface; has a variety of export presets; works with iTunes.

Cons: Stiff hardware requirements; jerky playback on high-resolution images.

(Shawn's Comment: *GREAT* review...but I'm biased :) )

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Made for iPhone Accessories? Not so Fast, Guys

From iLounge
A friendly message to our friends out there in the iPod accessory and software development communities: you might not want to put those “Made For iPhone” claims on your packages, press releases, and advertisements just yet. And readers, you might want to hold off on placing your orders for iPhone accessories until, well, at least June 29th. Maybe a little later.

This is the advice we’d offer based on well-informed chatter we’ve been hearing over the past few months. Developers have been making lots of assumptions about the iPhone, some of them unwarranted, and some of the negative consequences of those assumptions are now only a few weeks away from becoming widely known. Since several companies have claimed to be shipping “iPhone accessories” over the past few weeks, we wanted to share some truth about a couple of major misconceptions that are currently out there.

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How Big will the iPhone be?

From Business Week
Hard as it is to believe, all the excitement surrounding Jobs and his new toy may actually understate the impact of this device on Apple's fortunes. Beyond the hysteria surrounding its June 29 launch, the iPhone has the potential for adding a totally new, $10 billion-a-year business within just a few years. If Apple can expand so-called smartphones from a luxury carried by corporate road warriors into an everyday tool for the masses—combining the functions of a BlackBerry and an iPod—Apple could soon see a new growth tear.

That's the kind of thinking that has some analysts pegging Apple's stock price at 160 and up.

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Hollywood Studios in Video Talks with Apple

From the Financial Times

Apple is in advanced talks with Hollywood’s largest movie studios about launching an online film rental service to challenge cable and satellite TV operators.

A film would cost $2.99 for a 30-day rental. Its digital rights-management software would allow films to be moved from a computer to at least one other device such as the video iPod or iPhone. The software would prevent movies being copied.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, 20th Century Fox, Paramount, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros and Disney declined to comment. Privately, though, the studios are excited about Apple getting into VOD. “When you think about Apple customers they are so connected to the brand they will try anything to do with it,” said one senior studio executive.

(Shawn's Comment: *Complete* rumor right now but...would you rent movies from Apple?)

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"Wish I was there".... WWDC Keynote Kit

From Nik Fletcher

There's tonnes of sites out there offering coverage. So I've condensed 10 into a single Applescript launcher, and added a top icon from Florian over at CocoaGrove (merci beaucoup!) so all you need to do is put this baby in your dock and it'll open the 10 sites in your default browser.

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Apple, AT&T Stores prepare for iPhone Frenzy

With a little over two weeks until the iPhone hits store shelves, Apple and AT&T retail sales representatives say they are preparing for a quick sellout and huge crowds on the June 29 launch date.

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Apple Removes "2 Year Plan" Disclaimer from iPhone Ads

From iLounge
Apple has removed the small disclaimer stating “Use requires minimum new 2 year activation plan” from the end of all online iPhone ads. The revised ads began appearing online sometime yesterday evening, and have now apparently replaced the older ads appearing on televisions nationwide. What this means for the rumors that the iPhone would be available with prepaid service, or whether the text was simply removed without a change in policy, is not clear.

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