I Love Matt Deatherage of MDJ

He quotes the AP as saying, "Even for a company that's mastered the art of product-launch hoopla, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled out all the stops to propel iPhone hysteria into the stratosphere."

He points out that Apple has released 6 iPhone press releases in 2007....

While the AP has done *17* stories in just 14 *days*.

AP? That's your owwn petard you're sitting on now.

Click here to read more "The AP on Apple's iPhone "hype machine""

I think this kind of thing

I think this kind of thing feeds into the idea that Apple is company of all style and no substance and that Jobs is a modern day P.T. Barnum. I wonder if Apple is delighted or scared of this rolling snowball of hype that just sort of happened. Unfortunately the iPhone in the flesh is bound to seem like a disappointment after all that especially after the geek nitpickers get done with it. "Why it doesn't even have bilateral quantum noise suppression diodes like the Treo 6 zillion!" Ugh.

"the iPhone in the flesh is

"the iPhone in the flesh is bound to seem like a disappointment"

Not even close. It's *better*.
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
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