Shawn Needs Dental Surgery Update #3


Kim (my lovely girlfriend) and I had gone out on Thursday to the gym. When we got home, my Twitter DM's and iMessages had blown up.

"OMG Have you seen Daring Fireball?"

Oh, Jesus I thought....what has John Gruber gotten himself into now?

"He mentioned you!"

Oh crap...what have I done to piss him off *this* time?

I quickly type Daring Fireball's URL and see:


Ha ha...that's my name too. I wonder why he's talking about Larry King's wife?

"My friend Shawn King — longtime Mac/Apple writer/broadcaster and host of Your Mac Life for 21 years — has hit a run of bad luck."

H O L Y C R A P.....

He's writing about me!

It was a wonderful piece. I'm amazed, humbled and gratified that John took the time to even notice my problems, let alone mention them, let alone write so much and so well about it. His final paragraph literally had me in tears and Kim exclaiming her love for our little Mac Community.

But then....

Before we had left in the afternoon, I checked the amount raised on this site. It was a little over $5,000.

John posted his piece about an hour before we got home. When I look at the site, the number of donations had doubled as well as the amount raised.


I raised the target three times in the next three hours. It was a tsunami of donations coming in from the Daring Fireball Army. I literally couldn't keep up with the Thank You notes (I *just* caught up today - if you didn't get one, my apologies as some may have fallen through the cracks) and still haven't written the ones to the folks who donated for the photography classes (I'll get to those before the weekend is over).

I can't begin to express my gratitude to John for his wonderful post or to the Daring Fireball audience, few of whom know me from a hole in the ground. But, because they have such trust in Gruber (and I heard this a lot from donators), "If John says he's a friend of your and you deserve the help, then I'm going to help." Let's hope John always uses his powers for the side of good, not evil. :)

When I initially started this campaign, I thought I might be able to raise enough money for the cheapest possible option. But thanks to the kindness of so many of you, less than 24 hours later, we can now look at the expensive and better options to help me get my smile back.

I can't thank you all enough.