Pictures of the iPod Touch 4... well, not quite

The web site HardMac is reporting that they have images of the cases for the "new iPod Touch 4". They say, "As you may know, Apple provides some case manufacturers with the size and shape of the new iPhones and iPods so they can start making the new cases before the devices come out."

To my knowledge, Apple hasn't and doesn't reveal to case manufacturers any dimensions of their new products. Sure, it would help those third party case manufacturers to get product out as close to the launch date as possible but 1) Apple doesn't much care about helping case vendors get their product to market on day of launch and 2) Apple has made it very clear that they don't trust those same manufacturers to not leak the information to the media.

And you know why they don't trust them? Because that information has and does leak to the media. I'd bet that this so-called "photo illustration" is simply someone's guess as to what the iPod touch 4 might look like.