What would You ask Steve Jobs?

After seeing the email responses from Steve Jobs, I thought, "Wow - people ask Jobs some silly questions..."

It got me thinking, "what would *I* ask Steve Jobs if I had the opportunity? What is the one question, if you could be guaranteed an answer, you would ask Steve Jobs? I got some great responses from Twitter:

@mielnicki - "Name 3 things on your "bucket" list."

@mielnicki - "What is your biggest regret in life?"

@daveday - "What are your long-term plans regarding the Apple TV?"

@Moeskido - "I want a release date for the new Mac Pro towers, stat!"

@bazcurtis - "Would you give up Apple success now for Apple success in the 80/90s?"

@gorskic - "I'd ask to add a cashier to the Stores. They're too crowded to find help most of the time when you only need a cable or something."

@diskgrinder - "Will an A2 ipad replace spray-mounted boards when presenting designs to your client?"

@mikeeyes - "Barring health concerns what, if anything, would cause you to walk away from Apple?"

@Moeskido - "What does the landscape of big-media networks and personal electronics look like to you, say, 100 years from now?"

@TwigitalTwawg - "Does you see professional apps and hardware as an integral part of Apple's long term future?"

@johnfbraun - "Dear Steve, why only AT&T network? You'd sell more phones and make me happy with Verizon."

@vamsmack "Which device do you wish Apple had invented but someone else beat you to the punch?"

@leicaman - "When you introduced OSX, you said it is the Mac OS for the next 15 years. Is that still the plan?"

So - what would you ask Steve Jobs if you had the chance?

If your health problems

If your health problems permanently kept you from work, would Tim Cook really succeed you? Why not Johnny Ives?

I can answer that: "Because

I can answer that: "Because Tim Cook is a business man and Ives is a designer."
Shawn King
Host/Executive Producer
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