The new "Face" of Kiwi?

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know that I use several different apps on my iPhone and iPad but I've settled on one for my desktop use - Kiwi.

I've mentioned Kiwi many times on Twitter. I'm very happy with the app and particularly happy with the developer, Isaiah, who saw me on Twitter complaining about a previous app and asked me to test out Kiwi. I did and liked it but told him I couldn't use it because it didn't do two things. He asked what they were and literally ten minutes later, he told me to download the latest beta. Isaiah had coded the two things I wanted!

I immediately went and bought the app and have been using it on my desktop every since. It's still not perfect but it's very good and it does what I need a desktop Twitter client to do.

Kiwi is now available in the Mac App Store and, until the end of the day, is available for only 99 cents - that's a no brainer for a well done app with a attentive developer.

And none of the above has anything to do with the fact that the developer is using my face in the screenshot of his app on the Mac App Store... :)