PC versus Mac

Microsoft has added a PC versus Mac section to its Windows 7 website. WHY?

Steve Ballmer has bragged about "93%" market share For PC's running Windows. So why does this section of their web site feel like they are running scared? The site has a tone similar to what you would have expected Apple to run back in the 90's.

Some folks have the minor quibble that Macs *ARE* PC's but I'll cut Microsoft some slack on that one. But lines like:

PCs are always ready, willing, and—most importantly—able to get down to business.


"Things just don't work the same way on Macs ... For example, the mouse works differently."

"Macs don't work as well at work or at school."

Are just silly. Granted, the points made can be applicable in specific situations and are slanted in Microsoft's favor. I have no problem with that - I'll be the first person to say that Macs aren't perfect and aren't for everyone.

But this kind of defensiveness from Microsoft is pointless.

panic ...

Yep, the whole thing smells like they are beginning to panic. And most of the points are easily debunked so this is clearly aimed at those who have little to no computer skills and take their advice from the sales rep. at the local bigbox store …


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