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- Alex Wiley of Computer Choppers (

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I'm just SO tired of hearing people who hacked their phones b****ing about 'bricking". Even Shawn talks like Apple NOT taking specific steps to NOT brick peoples hacked phones is inherently wrong. Yes, they MAY have been able to do that. I'm not enough of a geek to know for sure. But, why should they? The more code you put in an update to deal with individual things, the more problems will result. Their primary responsibility is to update their software to fix things THEY didn't get right, not to try to figure out what somebody else may have done to their software to make it do something (better or not) that they didn't design it to do.

OK< bring on the flames.

Just like with my Harleys, if you have to ask why I use Macs, you probably wouldn't understand.

Great Discussion

I'm on Apple's side on this one. I don't have an iPhone (I'm in Australia) but I wouldn't hack it if I had one. What concerns me is stability of my devices and stability of Apple as a company. Anything that causes a backlash for Apple makes me nervous because of the amount of my life I've invested in Apple products.

I always like hearing Shawn discuss controversial topics because he cuts through histeria and hype. This discussion made me feel better about the whole issue.

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