No show tonight. I’ve screwed my back up again and can’t sit up straight. Luckily, it’s only muscular but still getting painful spasms…

I tried holding off on this call as long as I could but, I'm going back to bed...

ZAGG is now a Prize Sponsor of Your Mac Life!

Big thanks to the nice folks at ZAGG for being a "prize sponsor" of Your Mac Life!

They make a bunch of really great products including my favourite battery case - the mophie juice pack, as well as screen protectors from InvisibleShield, power management solutions, mobile keyboards, social tech, and personal audio by IFROGZ and Braven!

It's easy to enter the contest to win - simply send me an email at zagg [at] yourmaclifeshow [dot] com and we'll put it in the virtual hat for the first drawing on December 5th!

"Technology moves fast, but life moves faster. At ZAGG, we create products that keep up with you to make your life truly mobile.”

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